The president of united states does too much to set the tone of worldwide politics. the motifs and language employed by the occupant associated with oval office are swiftly obtained by politicians all over the globe. many nations wish friendly relations using worlds most powerful nation.

Also a president as unorthodox as donald trump features gathered acolytes and emulators outside the united states. mr trumps favourite phrases including fake development were picked up by leaders since diverse as brazils jair bolsonaro and israels benjamin netanyahu. the style for denouncing liberal elites has also gone global within the trump years including by followers of narendra modi, the indian prime minister, by britains brexiters.

But while rightwing populists would be scrambling to conform to a joe biden presidency, more liberal leaders will likely to be relieved because of the change of leadership in the usa. angela merkel of germany and justin trudeau of canada had tough relationships with mr trump. many european leaders were worried that another trump management could start to see the us withdraw from nato and make an effort to undermine the eu. you will see delight in brussels and berlin that mr trump is on his way to avoid it.

The attitude of asian democracies are even more equivocal. mr trump has became a fickle and sometimes abusive ally. nevertheless governing bodies of japan, australia and taiwan have valued his tougher range on asia. they may be cautious about what the results are under a biden administration.

Reporting by ilan ben zion in jerusalem, simeon kerr in dubai, laura pitel in ankara, valerie hopkins in budapest, sebastian payne and michael stott in london, jude webber in mexico city, bryan harris in so paulo, henry foy in warsaw, edward white in seoul, amy kazmin in new delhi, najmeh bozorgmehr in tehran, gideon extended in bogot, guy chazan in berlin, victor mallet in paris, tom mitchell in singapore, aime williams in washington, benedict mander in buenos aires and robin harding in tokyo

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