In the first twenty four hours after yusuke iseyas arrest a week ago, everything seemed to be working based on script. the nabbing of a top-flight entertainer on medication control costs seem to blend seamlessly into japans weary tv schedules: as formulaic as sunday evening dramas so when confected as man musical organization panel shows.

In the case of mr iseya, a widely-admired film and tv veteran of 20 years and celebrity of classics such shinjuku swan and jojos bizarre adventure, the list was completed in time for the times evening news.

An authorities raid on a high profile home-based on surveillance and a tip-off; moment information from unnamed resources on the levels of marijuana (7.8g) presumably found during the search; the collective head-shaking of scandal-hungry news; the abject apology to fans from stars agent; the toneless i am aware the things i performed broken japanese law, confession reported to possess come from mr iseya himself.

It all seems familiar because, with only some aesthetic variations, very similar thing has occurred to 11 big-time japanese performers over the past six years. in each instance, irretrievable expert annihilation (in addition to any judicial discipline) is addressed while the all-natural price to pay for a narcotics-related transgression and general public belief tends to view that comeuppance as pretty well deserved.

There linger some uneasy questions over the reason why authorities and prosecutors have actually diverted quite plenty resources into raids on these a-listers. and mr iseyas arrest occurs in the future as scrutiny on prosecutors is abnormally high.

On tuesday, the tokyo district legal begins just what would have been the long, sensational trial of carlos ghosn, his right-hand-man, greg kelly, and nissan. today, following mr ghosns trip to lebanon, the court will try only the latter two. since mr ghosns arrest in 2018 on complex, lawfully nuanced charges of economic malfeasance he denies, critics associated with japanese justice system international and domestic have addressed the way it is as multi-faceted proof its vindictiveness and shortcomings.

But once considering medications, the japanese general public features historically seen less ambiguity or room for grievance. celebrity marijuana arrests and career implosion follow a regular design because they perform call at a news environment and public world where discussion is both slim and nervous: drugs are all bad, because are the people that simply take them, smuggle them and sell all of them. there has been a noticeable reluctance of one to speak up too loudly in support of downed a-listers.

Until iseyas arrest features, suddenly and subtly, veered off the usual script in three crucial techniques. initial emerged when sayuri yoshinaga, aged 75, widely seen as japans best postwar actress and shooting an innovative new movie with mr iseya during their arrest ended up being asked about the event. she couldn't produce the expected condemnation. she loved using the services of him, she said subversively, and seemed toward having him straight back on ready.

The second detour originated from osamu tezuka, the principle government of the huge toei studio creating mr iseyas forthcoming movie. past celebrity arrests have created a flurry of cancellations, airbrushing and product withdrawals due to the fact stars (even before belief) were excised from any present work and new stars were hurriedly spliced-in. we decided to keep the film as it was, said mr tezuka, in a radical deviation from tradition, based on our view that the film together with person are very different things.

The third shift has been doing the tone associated with conversation concerning the arrest on celebrity-obsessed daytime television plus serious evening development evaluation programmes. solicitors, academics as well as others used it as an opportunity to explain just how other nations are actually moving their particular legislative views on cannabis and argue that japan need a discussion that acknowledges that fact.

Mr iseya is popular and successful but cannot carry greater stature or sway compared to the dozen who preceded him in the dock. there's no obvious good reason why their arrest needs to have crossed a line, or elicited abnormal sympathy. but one thing, extremely discernibly, has changed.