At first glance, real estate investing sounds like an expensive venture costing thousands of dollars just for an initial investment. It might well have been but fortunately you don't need six figures in the bank to become a real estate investor today. All you need in order to start your investing journey are solid plan, patience and just about $300.

In response to an increasing number of requests coming from customers Holdmar Holdings LLC support team created a simple guideline for novice investors. Here's what you need to do to get started.

Set your goals.
How much risk do you want? How much work do you want to put in? Write down your goal. Next, reverse-engineer what you need to do to get to that point. Real estate investing is something you do intentionally and sequentially.

Understand the risks.
You have to understand the risks before making the investment. It's OK to make mistakes. It's OK to fail. Ability to learn and evolve is what differs successful investors from mediocre.

Get educated.
You need to learn the basics of real estate investing. The best approach is to learn all that you can with the free resources available for your immediate consumption and then dive deeper into details.

Find a partner.
When you don’t have the money yourself for a real estate investment ,crowdfunded real estate investing may be a better option for you. When you participate in crowdfunded real estate investing, you are part of a group of people who pool their money with other investors, and then lend or invest that money with experienced rental real estate investment property owners.

Today, Holdmar Holdings LLC gives investors access to a variety of investing deals, despite your background, resources, or level of experience.

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