With current development paces and demand rate the choice of the company to enter real esate market of Paraguay market seems to be a true hit.

Companies and individuals consider investing in Latin America market due to numerous reasons. Being an erea with most of the countries in developing phase Latin America can be a good platform for a business start. That os why certain residents and visitors may think of creating the head office here rather than in the US or in Europe, with the latter being not in its best shape.

Analysts single out Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Chile out of other Latin American states as the most developed and promising in terms of investments. Argentina and Brazil can also boast well-developed tourism sector so companies interested in this sector should research these countries first before switching the focus to other locations.

Interbono Estates Limited decided to open its office in Paraguay due to good economy performance and stable financial climate. Apart from that Paraguay recovered faster that its neighbors. 2019 enjoyed strong demand from overseas companies who also decided to invest in its economy. Real estate sector was the most heated due to the nature of property. Realty units are integral part of any portfolio so the reason of vast interest to this asset is quite obvious.

2018 - 2019 period saw lower level of deals but not due to capital shortage. The realty market turned out to be unprepared for high demand paid from overseas. This resulted in supply shortage which in 2020 was still much better. With the crisis being almost over the developers re-appeared on the market starting new constructions and development projects. Due to the efforts of developers and an ongoing demand the supply-demand ratio almost stabilized.

According to the analysts if Interbono Estates Limited 2020 will also be a good one for Paraguay economy. Thus the realty sphere should be invested in now, to get higher revenues in future.

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