Germany and france revealed hard new restrictions to try to slow the quick rise in covid-19 illness rates. france on tuesday reported 523 covid-19 fatalities throughout the previous 24 hours, the best total since april 22, plus in germany coronavirus cases rose on tuesday by 11,409 to 449,275.

Brand new regulations in germany becoming imposed frommonday need all restaurants, bars & most community enjoyment to be shut. chancellor angela merkel said: we have to work, and act today, to avoid anacute national wellness disaster.

In a televised address into the french country, president emmanuel macron announced a lockdown including travel constraints, theclosure of edges to non-eu travellers additionally the closing of all bars and restaurants. he said: as with any our neighbours, we are submergedby the acceleration of virus. he warned that the second trend may possibly be harder plus murderous than the very first.