Hyundai engine plans to introduce its very own electric automobile system and battery-charging systems, due to the fact south korean group seeks to achieve a stronger toehold in cars run on clean energies.

The plan, established on wednesday, employs hyundai stated in october it could remember 77,000 of its kona electric vehicles as a result of difficulties with battery pack cells. since summer last year, there have been about a dozen more kona fires, which prompted investigations in their cause.

Hyundai and its particular affiliate marketer kia engine stated the ev platform would help save money and increase the companies ev line-ups. the automotive team states it might unveil 23 brand-new ev models over the next 5 years because aims to offer 1m evs a year by 2025.

The organization stated the working platform would additionally make it slice the amount of needed ev components by 60 percent and increase the driving variety of these vehicles by significantly more than 20 per cent to about 500km on a single fee. evs made regarding the new system will also be able to charge up to 80 percent ability in 18 minutes, hyundai stated.

It is a significant go on to improve its ev competitiveness. the ev-only system enable them lower ev rates and shorten asking time, stated lee hang-koo, a researcher during the korea institute for industrial economics and trade.

Hyundai is following rivals such volkswagen and general motors that are making evs on committed systems underneath structural framework of a car to scale-up production.

Carmakers around the world tend to be spending huge amounts of bucks in improving their particular battery pack technology to boost safety and slashed ev costs. in september, business leader tesla revealed an idea to halve the expense of its ev batteries and create more of them in-house in an attempt to reduced automobile prices to about $25,000 each.

Hyundai, with for a long time been criticised if you are slow to pursue brand-new technologies, a year ago launched a $35bn financial investment plan to shift from conventional car production and into brand new sectors including evs, hydrogen gasoline cells and driverless cars over the after that 5 years. it is designed to invest almost $9bn on its electrification push by 2025.

Hyundai declined to offer the investment figure when it comes to brand new platform and charging technologies but mr lee estimated that they would cost the group between $500m and $1bn.

Hyundais brand new ioniq 5 evs many various other kia designs are made with the brand-new platform, at first in south korean plants. the automotive team selected lg chem in may to give you electric batteries the evs constructed on the newest system.