Office at home officials admitted on thursday they did not know whether the ukwould nevertheless be in a position to get back asylum-seekers to eu nations in which theyhad previously resided or wanted asylumafter britains brexit transition period expires at the end of the entire year.

The officials remarks, made to mps regarding the residence affairs committee, come once the range migrants making the dangerous crossing regarding the channel in little ships from france has increased greatly come early july. unofficial quotes reveal 400 migrants made the crossing on september 2 an archive for just one day.

In eus dublin regulation, participating countries can deliver back individuals saying asylum on their area to some other user state if there is evidence the claimant either previously reported asylum because condition or existed here for five months or maybe more.

But the regulation will no longer connect with the uk with regards to finishes its post-brexit transition period on december 31. thus far no replacement rule has-been agreed aided by the eu in general or with any individual nation. the regulation lightens the responsibility from the uks immigration system because numerous migrants arrive in the uk via eu countries that end up being obliged to just take them right back.

Tyson hepple, home organizations manager for immigration enforcement, told yvette cooper, chair of the home matters committee, your british would no further be limited by the dublin regulation rules after december 31. but he said he'd must compose towards committee later on to outline exactly how that will affect the uks capability to return migrants to the eu.

Clearly, had been watching the negotiations with interest, mr hepple said.

Ms cooper stated she had been slightly surprised that mr hepple had no answer to her concern. he responded: we dont know. ill need let you know.

Abi tierney, director-general of united kingdom visas and immigration (ukvi) during the home business office, also told ms cooper that she had no solution. we dont sorry, she informed the mps.

Dan omahoney, appointed final month as clandestine channel danger commander to end migrant crossings, told ms cooper that the british wished to negotiate new bilateral discounts to make certain comes back of migrants could continue. but he conceded that talks had been yet to start.

You want to begin the conversation as quickly as possible, mr omahoney said.

The committee heard that 11 migrants, including some whose removal was halted the other day considering protests from immigration attorneys, had been flown to spain on thursday early morning. the flight occurred despite a last-minute attraction from lawyers that ended at 2am.

Numbers presented toward committee revealed exactly how dropping the capacity to return migrants towards eu countries they arrived in on arrival in europe could affect the uk immigration system.

Ms tierney said ukvi had considered about half the record 5,000 claims lodged by men and women arriving on tiny boats so far in 2010. the division had refused 10 per cent of these claims and accepted that 20 per cent associated with the claimants had shown they certainly were fleeing real danger or persecution.

However, your body had rejected the remaining which she place at 71 % in the reasons that an eu member condition must look into all of them. the united kingdom had been now wanting to get back those migrants to the nations it considered to be responsible, ms tierney informed the committee.