Health Care Hero: Board member advocates for Graceworks Lutheran Services

Adams has spearheaded many initiatives, including a food drive and a Christmas gift drive, which have benefited Graceworks residents.Mary Adams is a board member for Graceworks Lutheran Services and has been for five years. In that time, she has championed projects that bring together members of he

Health Care Hero: Board member advocates for Graceworks Lutheran Services

True heroism is about bringing people and resources together in order to make a difference in the lives those who are in need. Mary Adams is the perfect example of a person who has a positive impact on her community.

Adams, a board member of Graceworks Lutheran Services since 2005, has spearheaded projects that have brought together Graceworks residents and members of her own church to assist those seeking a better future. Her dedication was evident during the pandemic, when affordable housing communities of the organization were isolated and had few resources.

Adams facilitated listening sessions between staff and residents. She then coordinated the delivery of care packages to 130 residents across three states. These packages contained fresh fruit and vegetables, craft kits and cleaning supplies.

Judy Budi is the president and CEO at Graceworks. She says, "Mary has shown to be an advocate for the services that we provide, and more importantly, residents we serve." Mary is known for her ability to listen and find solutions to others' problems.

Adams has been named a Health Care Hero for 2023 in the category of Volunteer.

Adams also replicated her efforts by securing care packages for residents of Graceworks homes that serve people with intellectual disabilities. She coordinated visits between senior and youth residents in one of the housing communities owned by Graceworks in Milford. This resulted in community picnics, gardening projects, storytelling videos, and yoga. It was the end result that brought a sense community to Graceworks residents and church members.

Budi Adams describes herself as a champion and leader for marginalized groups. She coordinates collaborations between local church congregations and other organizations to help residents of Graceworks' affordable homes and communities. Adams is dedicated to connecting volunteer efforts with those who are most in need.

Mary never has to be asked if she wants to serve or volunteer. Budi notes that Mary is always the first person to identify a need, and to bring resources together or make connections for residents and staff. Her efforts have helped residents overcome isolation, met their physical needs, and most importantly, shown them that they are loved and valued.