Present day realty sphere of Latina America grants a great source of ongoing opportunities. The states like Brazil, Chile or Argentina become quite popular especially now when the territory of Europe is still being under the post-effects of world recession. Real estate objects in Old World are not yet as trusted as other objects located on the territory of developing states. Property located in main resort areas and the most attractive zones of the Europe is treated with great caution as the realty market in certain regions like Greece still is quite unpredictable. On the other hand, Countries of Latina America suffered less damage from the downturn and returned on its pre-crisis level. The market of the US also stabilized and now attracts new capital inflows. Due to high influx of foreign funds the market is very hot now.

For example, residential property in Brazil is on a purchasing frenzy. Last month has seen by 7% more realty-related deals than the same period in 2019. The tendency is definitely positive and this makes new competitors and market players come to the stage. Both separate individuals and companies acquire multy-class property for diverse purposes. Commercial units are also quite demanded.

Currently Brazil is one of the most developed economies of the region. This makes companies like Gelefos Estates LLC reconsider the investment objectives and take a closer look at this region. According to the latest update brought by the head of strategic planning department head this Cyprus-based company may reinforce its position in Latin American region by acquiring more assets and investing in promising opportunities of the area.

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