Elliott broidy, a former deputy finance chairman of the republican national committee, has been charged by federal prosecutors in connection with his lobbying efforts in the 1mdb corruption scandal.

Mr broidy was charged with failing to register as a foreign agent for jho low, the malaysian financier accused of looting billions from 1mdb, a sovereign wealth fund based in kuala lumpur.

The republican donor had lobbied the trump administration in 2017 and 2018 to drop its case against mr low, who was ultimately indicted in november 2018. mr low has denied any wrongdoing and is believed to be in china.

Mr broidy was also charged with failing to disclose lobbying activities related to an effort to remove guo wengui a high-profile critic of the chinese community party wanted by beijing from the us.

The charges were filed on thursday in an information, a type of charging document used when a defendant has agreed to plead guilty to the accusations. mr broidys attorney, bill burck, had no comment.

The case came after an associate of mr broidy, nickie mali lum davis, pleaded guilty in august to similar charges. federal prosecutors have brought several cases relating to mr lows alleged lobbying to avoid us charges for his alleged role in the looting of 1mdb.

In 2018 a former department of justice employee pleaded guilty to helping funnel tens of millions of dollars into the us to finance mr lows alleged lobbying.

The charges against mr broidy do not name mr low or mr guo, instead referring to them as foreign national a and prc national a. the references in the charging document align with publicly known details about the two men.

Mr broidy pleaded guilty in 2009 to state charges for bribing new york public pension fund officials. he was the deputy finance chairman for the republican national committee from 2017 until april 2018.

In the charges filed on thursday, prosecutors said mr broidy was paid a total of $9m to lobby for mr low while failing to make disclosures under the foreign agents registration act about his activities.

Prosecutors linked mr broidys lobbying on the 1mdb matter with his attempts to have mr guo removed from the us.

His lobbying efforts with respect to prc national a were, at least in part, pursuant to his financial arrangement with foreign national an and could potentially result in additional payment, the charges said.