Family says deplorable conditions and insect bites in Atlanta jail contributed to inmate's death

The family of LaShawn Thompson, who died in the Fulton County Jail last year, is demanding a criminal investigation into his death and for the facility to be closed and a new one to be built.

Family says deplorable conditions and insect bites in Atlanta jail contributed to inmate's death


Family of LaShawn Thomson, who died at Fulton County Jail in Fulton County last year, demands a criminal inquiry into his death, and that the jail be closed, and a brand new facility built.

Michael Harper, the family attorney, said at a press conference on Thursday that Thompson's death, which occurred in September, was due to unsanitary conditions, and insect bites.

Harper, holding up photographs that allegedly show the conditions in Thompson’s jail cell said: 'The cells he was in were not fit for an animal with a disease.' This is deplorable and inexcusable.

In a press release, the Fulton County Sheriff's Office stated that 'the county medical examiner has not determined either the manner or cause of death.' The circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Thompson were thoroughly investigated.

According to the statement, it is only after this investigation that a criminal investigation will be warranted.

Thompson was in custody for a misdemeanor charge of assault since June 2022. He was being housed in a psychiatric section of the jail due to his mental issues, said Harper.

Brad McCrae's, Thompson's, brother told reporters that his sister 'didn’t deserve this.

Thompson, 35, is from Winter Haven in Florida but loves Atlanta. He went back and fourth between the two cities. McCrae's brother loves cooking and listening to music.

McCrae was asked by a journalist what he felt when he saw the images of his body and conditions in his cell. He replied, "It was heartbreaking, because no one should see that." No one should ever see such a thing. The first thing I thought of was Emmett till.

The statement from the sheriff acknowledged that the conditions at the jail were 'dilapidated' and "rapidly deteriorating". Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat continued to demand the construction of a brand new jail.