In an early on early morning statement from white home, united states president donald trump falsely stated that he had currently obtained re-election, reviving problems he might not accept the final result if he is beaten.

The president vowed to block any more counting of ballots, even while condition officials in lot of important battlegrounds with close races remained tallying ballots.

The remarks created by mr trump who was enclosed by several top aides and supporters, as well as vice-president mike pence break from custom people presidential contenders waiting until a concession from their particular competing to claim victory. the opinions were rapidly criticised by joe bidens promotion as a naked work to get rid of the democratic liberties of americans.

Right here we fact-check crucial quotes through the presidents statement:

There is absolutely no evidence of any effort to disenfranchise americans whom voted for mr trump. instead, condition officials will always be tallying ballots which were legitimately cast, including those favouring the incumbent us president.

The vote matter is certainly not full in georgia, a battleground condition, and associated press has not yet known as the state for mr biden or mr trump however. a number of the staying votes are in the atlanta area, which can be greatly democratic, so while mr trump is ahead now, it might flip.

For the campaign mr trump has been claiming without evidence that usage of mail-in ballots, which was expanded because of the pandemic, would lead to widespread fraudulence. he continued which claim on wednesday early morning.

Mr trump advertised that a fraud was being perpetrated on the american general public, without having any proof of wrongdoing and prematurely stated triumph within the election.

The related press have not known as the election for either mr trump or mr biden, and state election officials have-not yet certified an effect. the democratic challenger have not conceded beat. mr biden continues to have a good chance of prevailing, albeit narrowly, when most of the ballots tend to be counted.

Mr trump rapidly invoked americas highest judge, where discover a good traditional majority, suggesting it might intervene to supply him victory.

Any possible legal challenge would need to be submitted on a state-by-state basis in a choice of condition or national court before winding its way-up toward supreme court.

The process of law tend to be not likely to halt matters generally as mr trump demanded nothing is illegal or inappropriate about counting all legitimately cast ballots nevertheless trump campaign may argue that specific ballots were cast unlawfully, for example.

The key precedent for a supreme court input is the race between george w bush and al gore in 2000, if the court halted a recount in florida in december after days of stress and litigation.