Brussels has exposed a detailed antitrust probe in to the $50bn merger of fiat chrysler and frances psa amid problems your price may lower competitors when you look at the financially rewarding small commercial vans marketplace.

The second-phase investigation was launched on wednesday following the two carmakers failed to provide any concessions towards the european commission to assuage concerns over their potential prominence in the market.

Their failure to bow to previous needs was first reported by the financial times a week ago, as soon as the deadline of june 10 passed without concessions on offer.

Both organizations would end up being the globes fourth-largest carmaker if merger were finished and would get a handle on about a 3rd of european vans market, significantly more than double their closest competitors renault and ford.

Margrethe vestager, the commissions executive vice-president, and responsible for competition plan, stated: [commercial vans] are an evergrowing market and progressively important in an electronic digital economic climate in which personal consumers rely inside your on delivery solutions.

Fiat chrysler and peugeot, using their large portfolio of brands and designs, have a stronger position in commercial vans in many europe.

A deeper probe to the vans company ended up being anticipated by the organizations, which built it into a bargain schedule that's likely to involve the merger closing in the first quarter of the following year.

Eu regulators have actually 90 working days, until october 22, to produce a choice. the offer can still be blocked, approved without conditions or waived with remedies.

The offer has obtained approval from antitrust regulators in china, japan, the usa and russia, nevertheless the overlap involving the groups in european countries had been always anticipated to be a sticking point for competition authorities.

Although the carmakers have a jv creating vans in the area currently, the cars take on each other regarding forecourts, the fee argued.

In several nations, either psa or fca has already been the market leader in light commercial vehicles, while the merger would eliminate one of the most significant rivals, it said.

In a shared statement on wednesday, psa and fca said: both businesses continues to co-operate utilizing the ec to answer its questions in the same useful character who has defined our suggested merger right away.

As we continue to make development through our cross-company project teams, i will be detailing into the ec and other regulators the substantial great things about the suggested merger to your consumers, the european business and every company.