Escobar: The Pentagon Leak Charade

The intel that was leaked might help Russia, but it could also be misdirection.

Russia might benefit from the leaked intelligence if this is not misdirection. The possibility is very real.

It reads like a spoof of Mad magazine's 1960 cartoon 'Spy vs. Spy. Secret Pentagon Documents fall in the hands of Malign Russia. Actually, the script is in the hands millions of people who access Telegram and Twitter.

We now have a major leak that essentially details Pentagon plans for the next stage in the NATO vs. Russia proxy conflict in Ukraine. This includes the interminably debated Spring "counter-offensive" which may or not start in mid April, and war plans shared by FVEY – the Five Eyes.

If this were not misdirection, Russia might find the leaked intelligence to be beneficial. The possibility is very real.

Ray McGovern, an inestimable man who is well-versed in CIA matters, asked if the Pentagon is 'falsifying kill ratio to gild Easter lilies at Kyiv? A recent leak of an apparently NATO document has shown that 71,500 Ukrainians were killed in action and only 16,000-17,500 Russians. This is far from the Pentagon's earlier estimates. It sounds like Vietnam-deja vu.

This could be Vietnam again, but don't count on the Pentagon learning from its mistakes. But it could also be something more alarming, according a retired Beltway intel source: "Our interpretation of the breach is that US intel sources have released critical intelligence data to avoid a nuclear conflict with Russia."

The only certainty as it stands is that the spin war is raging. The leaker could have been a disgruntled U.S. insider. The Pentagon insists that the entire thing could be fake.

This would be a deliberate attempt to spread false information that could damage the U.S.

The Pentagon's'secret' comparative war death ratio between Russians, Ukrainians is still not clear-cut, despite being tweaked. These numbers seem to reflect Bakhmut/Artemovsk losses, where Russian casualty rates were the highest. However, reliable Russian military correspondents claim that the ratio is actually 10 to 1. The Russians used the snail technique and a powerful artillery mincing device.

Incompetence characterized as 'Stupefying'

It is clear from the Pentagon leaks - whether real or fake – that the U.S. is at war with Russia. This is serious enough.

Washington has been continuously feeding information to key nodes within the Russian military lines, including command posts and ammunition depots. This real-time intelligence has enabled Kiev to target Russian troops.

kill senior generals

Force ammunition depots to be moved further away from the Russian frontlines.

All that the Pentagon/NATO stenographers claim about Kiev playing the proverbial "decisive role" in planning and executing these strikes, is a fabrication.

The U.S. exercises total and absolute control over the Ukraine war through a central command. This includes the underground bunker in Lviv that was deemed'secret' and which Mr. Khinzal recently gave a business card to. It has since been taken to see its maker, along with more than 200 NATO high-level personnel.

Fake or real, we have also confirmed that the Pentagon has direct access the communications of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Americans should listen to everybody and everyone's neighbor: the actor in Kiev wearing a sweatshirt, all Five Eyes allies and the Mossad.

Concerning the idea that Kiev changed its counter-offensive "military plans" because of leaks from the Pentagon, everyone should be able to manage their roaring laughter.

This Russian non-response to all the hoopla can be considered a classic example of misdirection.

In response to the fact that the U.S. is de facto engaging in an undeclared military war against Russia, which was much more intense than Hybrid, President Putin stated that Russia is interested 'peaceful cooperation with the U.S.A. and establishing balance of interests' due to their status as two of the most powerful nuclear powers in the world.

It is impossible to imagine Stalin saying that Russia wanted peaceful coexistence with Nazi Germany during July 1941, when the Wehrmacht was racing towards Moscow, Leningrad, and the Caucusus Oil.

Andrei Martyanov, an indispensable military expert, summarized the situation: These 'documents' have none. He also confirmed that the Pentagon has no clue about the SMO.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov did

Let's get to the point


"We don't have any doubts about the direct or indirect involvement by the U.S., NATO it cannot affect the final outcome of this special operation."

Martyanov emphasizes that Russia has an advanced ISR complex (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance). This includes human intel on ground and satellite constellations. 'In terms war correlates, combat statistics - I wouldn’t touch anything coming out of Pentagon with a longstick.

The Pentagon's 'top secret intel' has serious flaws. It gives the impression that it was redacted using open data and not actual intelligence. All this was packaged with some very poor work.

The insistence on're-equiping' Ukrainian air defense with missiles does not support data about where such missiles are coming from. It is incorrectly spelled NASAMS, the middle-range, ground-based air defense system Raytheon co-developed.

Official NATO documents indicate weapons from Russia and the USSR in NATO codification. It is not uniform in style: there are many codes and transliterations of Russian into English.

It is no surprise that many believe the U.S. Army Command in Europe, or EUCOM, got their intelligence from open sources and are completely clueless about how many weapons, equipment, and people the Ukrainians actually possess.

That explains Artemovsk's current situation - the Russians are taking all the time possible to calibrate their strategic defense and, after Kherson's orderly departure, they lure the Ukrainians into an unstoppable slaughterhouse. Martyanov describes U.S./NATO incompetence as'stupefying'

A do-or-die war to control Eurasia

Again, the most important consequence of the Pentagon leaks was to establish that the U.S. de facto, and de jure is at war with Russia - regardless of what spin may be given by that Norwegian piece in Brussels.

Russia will create a tribunal for war crimes in Ukraine. Therefore, it is important that selected West leaders take refuge in New Zealand bunkers as soon as possible.

It is also important to remember that Ukraine is only a pawn in the game against China, Russia, and possibly Germany.

Psycho Straussian neocons had originally set out to isolate Germany from Russia with 'Liver Sausage' Chancellor Scholz was informed in advance about the terror attack on Nord Streams.

Scholz was also part of the CIA misdirection scheme, channeling blame for terror attack on a obscure Ukrainian 'dissident’ and a bumbling yacht – as brilliantly covered Seymour Hersh.

Next is to isolate Ukraine from Russia. This will be followed by'reconquering Crimea', which is the main focus of the current P.R. blitzkrieg, Donbass, and thus created a psychological crisis in Russia that led to a Putin regime shift.

The Straussians would then be able to control Russia's vast natural resources and stop China from using them by land or sea via the U.S. Fleet.

This is not a clever statement, but Straussian Neocons enjoy their intellectually shallow pond. Admiral John Kirby, an insufferable idiot, says that Russia cannot negotiate with Russia unless they leave Ukraine.

The (show) war against Ukraine must continue, until the last Ukrainian. Otherwise, all these elaborate plans and strategies will be irretrievably abandoned. This is a war against Russia-China to control Eurasia. This could lead to more Pentagon leaks. Let's go!