Ahhh, data viz. making the sense of the whole world one very carefully labelled axis at any given time. providing relax where there is certainly sound. providing quality where there is confusion. providing light in which there's darkness.

Along with that stillness in your mind, do take a look at this, tweeted from wednesday with the caption approval reviews each and every president by matthew yglesias, the co-founder of news web site , whose whole mission is making the news headlines understandable (vox explains the news headlines. we reside in a full world of excessively information and inadequate context. too much sound and not enough insight):

Look, as us politics followers, we need to acknowledge we rather love viewing this chart. but yglesias happens to be thoroughly rinsed because of it on twitter, so we can see why its very hard to distinguish different colours from one another, it basically appears like a tangle of electric wires, therefore basically may be the definition of excessively noise.

Countless twitter people seemed to direct yglesias towards different roentgen bundles for a significantly better color palette (which tbh we'd never heard of however now we have we sort of consent) or recommended he previously a word with edward tufte.

If you are wondering which range trump is, its the kind of coral-y the one that prevents around 1,300 days (hes thus far been in office for 1,379 days if youre interested) and it is...at the bottom of the pack. sad!

If you are wondering why that blue line (which we think is obama?) is showing even more volatility than a bitcoin chart in a global pandemic, we genuinely have no clue. possibly they polled folks more frequently inside obama many years? if youre wondering why that exact same blue line continues on longer than anyone elses, truthfully once more we now have no clue, and do slightly ask yourself if it is in fact another chartological blunder (the only united states president to own ever before supported significantly more than two terms is fdr -- after 1951, that stopped becoming allowed). if you are wondering exactly what that plummeting blue line is, its nixon innit!

Therefore theres no hate right here. its a bad chart, but we think it is types of great also, somehow. we simply believed wed keep it to you to puzzle over throughout this momentous week-end, prior to the many consequential united states election since... really four years ago.