Before 3am eastern standard time on wednesday, the associated press declared joe biden the usa presidential election champion in arizona, awarding the states 11 electoral college votes into democrat.

It had been a substantial moment for mr biden additionally the democrats, offering the former us vice-president his first flip victory in circumstances that donald trump won four years earlier in the day. in 2016 mr trump won their state by a 3.5-point margin over hillary clinton.

Fast-forward to thursday early morning, however, and a lot of associated with major us tv networks have actually however to phone arizona for mr biden, and poll employees are counting ballots in lot of areas of their state, including in maricopa county, which contains the town of phoenix and much more than 50 % of arizonas population.

Since thursday morning, mr biden stayed ahead in arizona by some 68,000 ballots. the race there's tightened as more ballots happen counted, however the biden campaign states it continues to be upbeat that previous vice-president would be the winner when all the votes are tallied.

On a telephone call with reporters on thursday early morning, but a senior agent on mr trumps campaign said the president had been on speed to win in arizona, and called on ap to reverse its telephone call.

The financial times, like a number of other development organisations, depends on the non-partisan associated press as its primary source for data on the upshot of events along the ballot in america. thus, the fts real time outcomes web page, also our development reports, assume mr biden currently has actually 264 electoral university ballots, in contrast to donald trumps 214. an applicant requires 270 ballots to win the white home.

The ap employs a group of election analysts and researchers to phone events according to independent survey data and actual votes cast, and says it only does so when their professionals are completely confident a competition is obtained, this is certainly, when a trailing applicant not has actually a path to success. telephone calls don't require every single ballot to possess been counted.

The headlines agency features caught by its decision in arizona, even while numerous us broadcast sites, which operate their very own decision desks, retain the race is just too close to phone.

The associated press stands by its race call in arizona, the agency told the ft.

Fox could be the just major tv community which has decisively known as arizona in mr bidens favour, and has now also stood company with its call, despite repeated criticisms through the trump promotion. fox in addition relies on unique separate data set to notify its telephone calls.

Another major television networks including abc, nbc and cbs, plus the cable channel cnn work their own decision desks, but are all part of the nationwide election pool, a group that relies on edison analysis, a 3rd party team, to collect exit poll information. all of them have yet to declare a victor in arizona.

Meanwhile, in maricopa county, ballots are still being counted, and regional authorities are expected to provide an upgrade on vote totals on thursday evening. the biden campaign said that results in pima county, the states second most-populous county, including tucson, may not report results until friday.

Additional reporting by anna nicolaou in nyc