The coronavirus pandemic has broken so much open, giving us a very unique chance, in this moment, to reimagine.

Culture call, the financial times podcast, digs into the trends that are shifting culture in london, new york and beyond. its hosted by me, lilah raptopoulos, an editor in new york, and my colleague and friend griselda murray brown, an ft weekend magazine editor in london. this season, gris is on maternity leave, and a lot has changed: we are living through a pandemic that has taken more than a million lives, a powerful civil rights movement, a raging climate crisis, and a monumental election in the us. culture as we know it is shifting shape. and we cant promise to know what thingswill look like on the other side.

So this season, were doing something slightly different. join me in a special, six-episode series about cultures shifting shape. im bringing on different creators and thinkers to explore how culture and art can help us make sense of what were going through, and envision whats next.

This pandemic has exposed deep cracks in our system, giving us an unprecedented chance to re-examine and maybe upend. our question for this season is: whats possible now that would have seemed impossible before?

Every other friday, ill be asking that question to star guests, from film-maker miranda july to artist and activist ai weiwei to pulitzer prize-winning poet natasha trethewey. ill also be talking about it with my colleagues, the writers and editors behind the fts award-winning life & arts journalism. and ill be exploring it with you.

So: what do you think is possible now? how do you think culture is shifting? email me written or voice notes at , or find us on twitter you can also message me on instagram or twitter ill be using your thoughts on the show.

This has been an unfathomable year. lets move through the rest of it together.

Listen to miranda july on the first episode of culture calls new season.

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