What made USA a reliable investment market once again? Basically there are many factors. During last 2 years the economy of this country has seen the creation of more than 4 million working positions. This year is also expected to deliver 2 more million. Gas extraction also contributed to overall recovery process increasing the competitive position of the US economy. All these factors move the rates of interest up and may result into higher volume of capital inflow. Even now global investors turn the attention to the US again gradually returning to the investment market.

Along with the stock market real estate also declared its comeback. 2021 is not expected to bring any challenges to the market so currently the prices for various housing units are quite stable. American government also announced the intention of stimulating housing market yet with in moderate pace not to precipitate price rise.

Conima Estates LLC plans to open its office in the US. According to the CEO statement this is made to test the ground and check market conditions. The US housing sphere is very diverse and Conima Estates LLC will need significant term to investigate the prevailing trends and business conditions in this or other state. Even though there are certain most popular states like New York or Florida Conima Estates LLC has not divulged the information about the target location. Martin Terry confined himself to mentioning just the intention and interest of Conima Estates LLC in real estate solutions that can be found in the US.

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