Chris Christie, Eyeing '24 Run, Takes Shots at DeSantis

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie mocks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's tussles with Disney during a talk hosted by Semafor, also criticizing Donald Trump.

Chris Christie, Eyeing '24 Run, Takes Shots at DeSantis


The former New Jersey Governor mocked Florida's governor for his spat with Disney, and criticized Donald Trump in a Semafor-hosted talk.

Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey slammed Governor. Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor, was called a fake conservative at an event held in Washington on February 2, one of many meetings and stops he has made as he contemplates a second Republican Presidential campaign.

Christie's comments at a media event, hosted by Semafor were a part of a range of topics he touched upon, including abortion and his feelings regarding the lies told by former president Donald J. Trump about the 2020 elections.

Mr. Christie fired a shot back at Mr. DeSantis for his attempts to target Disney, one of the top businesses in Florida. The fight began after Mr. DeSantis passed legislation banning classroom teaching about gender identity and sexuality in certain grade school.

Mr. Christie said that Mr. DeSantis’s efforts to restrict Disney are against the traditional conservative principles of small government.

He said: 'I do not think Ron DeSantis, based on his actions towards Disney is a conservative' Where are we going now that the government will punish anyone who expresses disagreement with this country? To me, this is what liberals do, and suddenly we're participating with a Republican Governor.

He also mocked Disney for escaping Mr. DeSantis’s efforts to appoint a committee to supervise it by referring to Xi Jinping the Chinese leader and Vladimir V. Putin, President of Russia.

Mr. Christie stated, 'That is not the person I want to sit across from President Xi, negotiating our next deal with China, or across from Putin, trying to resolve the situation in Ukraine, if Bob Iger has created a blind corner for you.' Mr. Iger returned to Disney as its chief executive in late 2018. He was a long-time Disney leader.

Mr. Christie is meeting with some of his staff members and donors to solicit input. He hopes to make a decision in the next few weeks about whether he will run for president.

If he runs, he will be at a distinct disadvantage in a new party defined by Donald Trump. Some anti-Trump voices within the Republican Party are more interested in a Christie run as Mr. DeSantis stumbles at times.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly taunted Mr. DeSantis, but Mr. DeSantis is largely refusing to respond. The super PAC that supports Mr. DeSantis ran a television ad criticizing Mr. Trump's attack on Mr. DeSantis. Mr. Trump had never been bothered before by raised eyebrows.

Christie was willing to challenge both Trump and DeSantis who met with Washington lawmakers on Tuesday.

A senior member of DeSantis’s political team who was not authorized by the government to speak publicly insulted Mr. Christie, saying he had resorted to attacking an 'winner'.

After Mr. Trump won the New Hampshire primary in 2016, he beat Mr. Christie, and all of his rivals. After the election, he was fired from his role as chairman of the transition team by top Trump aides. Mr. Trump’s son-in law also took the decision to fire him. Mr. Christie still remained loyal to Mr. Trump. Christie stepped down from the consideration of becoming chief of staff by President Trump at some point in 2018.

Mr. Christie said that Mr. Trump had reached a point where he could no longer lie about the fact that his election was stolen.

'There is a difference between spinning to gain an advantage before a vote and then claiming that the vote was rigged afterward,'' said Mr. Christie.

He also criticized Mr. Trump for saying in a recent address at the Conservative Political Action Conference, 'I'm your revenge' to those who feel they have been wronged.

Christie stated, "I believe a president is our inspiration and not our punishment."