Asia features threatened to quit recognising the british nationwide international passports held by hong kong residents as legitimate vacation documents, following the united kingdom guaranteed a path from the previous colony for scores of residents.

After chinas imposition of a nationwide protection legislation from the territory final month, great britain offered extended visa rights and guaranteed to deliver a path to future citizenship to nearly 3m hong-kong residents entitled to a bno passport.

Asia has condemned the pledge to give visa legal rights, arguing your two countries had agreed a memorandum stating your uk wouldn't normally give hong kong bno passport holders right of residency.

Wang wenbin, a spokesperson for chinas foreign ministry, suggested on thursday that beijing would not acknowledge the document, that was given to hong-kong residents produced ahead of the handover of the territory from british to chinese sovereignty in 1997.

Since the british very first violated its guarantees, china will start thinking about perhaps not recognising the bno passport as a valid travel document, and will reserve the right to simply take further countermeasures, mr wenbin stated at a hit meeting.

The diplomatic slight is believed to affect hong kong residents just who just keep the bno passport, although underneath the territorys usual border processes, residents can leave the area on a hong-kong id and get to the uk on their bno document.

Giving an answer to mr wenbins caution, downing street said: its a fact that bno passports are given by the british federal government and they are genuine international travel papers.

Asked just what great britain would do if china declined to permit visitors to keep hong kong on a bno passport, a spokesman said: they have been genuine worldwide vacation papers and that's the way you would anticipate all of them to-be treated.

From january 2021, hong-kong residents with bno passport condition would be granted five years minimal leave to live and operate in great britain. at the end of this period they can make an application for satisfied status. after an additional one year, they'll certainly be allowed to try to get uk citizenship. those eligible will additionally be capable use with spouses and kids under 18 who do not hold bno citizenship.

According to interior foreign office estimates, about 200,000 hong kong people with bno passports could arrive at inhabit the united kingdom on the next 5 years.

The sole various other territorys travel documents that china cannot take are the ones of taiwan, which beijing does not acknowledge as a legitimate nation.

There are also cases of beijing refusing to determine the foreign passports of young ones created in china. sometimes, it considers them is chinese nationals due to the fact federal government does not understand dual nationality.