Colombians on sunday presented calm reconciliation vigils as they counted the cost of a number of the worst assault inside their capitals record, sparked by the police killing of a person accused of flouting covid-19 constraints.

At a memorial in the plaza simn bolvar, bogots primary square, claudia lpez, the citys mayor, read out the names of the 14 those who passed away in a series of working road battles that began on wednesday.

The protests were prompted by a video clip posted on social media which revealed two cops over and over making use of a stun weapon at point-blank range on a person they've pinned down in a bogot road. the guy cried please, enough, no longer! as onlookers filming the incident begged for restraint. the policemen carried on for well over two mins before arresting the person, accusing him of flouting coronavirus limitations by-drinking liquor in the pub.

The person, javier ordez, a 42-year-old a dad of two,later died in medical center from his accidents.

As development of their death scatter on wednesday, several thousand protesters poured to bogots streets, pelting the police with stones, smashing authorities programs, looting supermarkets and setting fire to stores, buses and vehicles. law enforcement responded with baton costs and real time ammo.

The physical violence proceeded for three more nights. the majority of those who died had been within their twenties therefore the youngest was only 17. hundreds of civilians had been harmed, 72 with gunshot injuries. over 100 police officers were hurt and 56 police programs trashed. around 70 cars and buses were burnt out. in a single incident, a gang of armed men hijacked a bus and killed a female after operating over the girl.

Ms lpez informed the crowd at a reconciliation and forgiveness concert on sunday that the woman office had given 90 moments of movie tracks towards president showing police abuses over current nights.

Not even within the battles between the military as well as the guerrillas previously were 72 people injured by bulletson just two consecutive evenings, she stated.

As she spoke, more disruptions smashed out between protesters and police in central bogot.

There are numerous unanswered questions regarding the killing of mr ordez in addition to physical violence that observed. he was alive during the time of his arrest and police haven't clarified what took place to him in custody. the officials who detained him were suspended and they are becoming examined for suspected murder. another five officers have also been flourished duty.

There are contradictory views concerning who was simply behind the assault. protesters stated the riots were a spontaneous a reaction to police brutality not only the killing of mr ordez, but some past situations of abuse. the us government said it had proof that previous people in the farc the marxist guerrilla group that finalized a peace cope with their state in 2016 and of the eln another leftwing guerrilla team which nonetheless at war with all the state stirred up the trouble.

The governments preliminary response had been combative. carlos holmes, the defence minister, condemned a mass work of vandalism and physical violence. president ivn duque stated cops shouldn't be tarred with similar brush.

A day later the authorities struck a conciliatory tone. mr holmes and gustavo moreno, the top of police force, both asked for forgiveness for authorities actions. we dont acknowledge ourselves in this behaviour, mr moreno stated, talking about the video. this is simply not the colombian national police force.

The incidents have shown just how combustible colombia is. the country like several other people in latin the united states had currently seen weeks of protests in belated 2019 over a variety of social demands. police officers shot one protester dead.

The outbreak for the covid-19 pandemic and a strict lockdown put a cover on that discontent but didn't dispel it.

Mr ordezs demise has reignited a debate about policing in colombia, where the 160,000-strong nationwide force is in demand for the defence ministry, maybe not the inner ministry such as other nations.

Almost all our police have decided for war against big drug cartels and organised crime teams, and accomplish that well, stated csar gaviria, a former colombian president.

Although authorities we now have are incapable of and inept when controling calm marches being dangerously infiltrated by vandals and anarchists.