Ft alphaville has actually invested some of this week marvelling within audacity associated with white house gift store (a privately possessed entity thats completely unaffiliated using actual white house) to-be pre-selling a commemorative group of coins dubbed: president donald j. trump defeats covid with icons of their whole first term!

The coins imaginative merits tend to be described thusly on the gift stores website:

The series creator and fashion designer is just one anthony gianni, which is both ceo associated with the present shop but also (in accordance with his linkedin) a person who guides an original team into the study and growth of supercomputer systems for neural network mapping, simulation and ai models for use in neuroscience study also synergistic cleverness and defence methods modelling.

Intriguing. yes?

We then found here tweet bearing some gratuitous imagery of donald j. trump rebuffing coronavirus that began circulating on nov 2, that may or might not be related:

While we cannot concur that the depiction is definitely linked to the giftshop series, we couldnt assist but clock its stylistic similarity for some of the artistic visualisation usually based in the cryptocurrency realm, particularly the hodl coins.

Could there be much more to donald trump and crypto than very first suits the attention?

Everything we do know for sure is that the donald notoriously disappointed crypto lovers as he disparaged bitcoin back in july 2019, noting:

But because of emily dreyfuss, a journalist within harvard shorenstein centers technology and personal change project, who had been published inside ny times on thursday, we now realize trumps iconoclastic tweeting and/or use and misuse of typos might be part of an elaborate strategy to backchannel secret communications to their most loyal followers.

Of course, the idea trump is perhaps working in tandem with the mystical q, who drops esoteric messages on community forums particularly 8kun in a quote to reveal the get to and scale of the deep condition, is definitely at the heart associated with qanon conspiracy concept.

That principle states that trumps tweets are increasingly being utilized as proofs your emails being put-out by q are actually connected to insiders with special or advanced level knowledge of items to come. that system backlinks towards seediest ends of the no-cost speech internet, but has done little for qanons credibility utilizing the mainstream hit. qanon followers have, rather, been labelled as deluded and potentially dangerous extremists whom cant help witnessing contacts where you will find not one, and which may also be preparing for a coup.

The retort from qanon followers is the fact that presence of q on these types of web sites just isn't a recommendation of this extremist content. instead, the backchannel system ended up being set up there specifically because it had been the only way to guarantee resilience when confronted with censorship by significant platforms like twitter and facebook.

Either means, there's absolutely no escaping that the brand new york occasions, by witnessing fit to create a viewpoint piece pandering into delusional indisputable fact that djt makes sense adequate to use secret codes in his tweetstorms, has actually accidentally additionally verified the worst regarding the qanon fears.

Donald trump is really talking in code.

Therefore is-it conceivable that donald might privately be a crypto blockchain bro too?

Well, theres a lovely but desperate concept in addition performing the rounds your existing election capitulation is all-just kayfabe -- sort of sun-tzu art of war diversion. in fact the avoid the amount mess was entirely pre-engineered and donald outwitted everyone else by privately watermarking ballot documents and attaching all of them into the immutable energy associated with blockchain. so every illegal ballot is fully traceable and detectable. yes really.

Heres the vid where steve pieczenik, a former state department man, explains the way the fancy sting operation ended up being create and how it will show the true scale of this rigging in front of you.

What can we say? obviously the donald is not reading alphaville. whether or not the theory wasnt bunkum, which definitely it really is, theres the historical issue that blockchain cannot rather than has been in a position to get a handle on when it comes to garbage-in and garbage-out problem.

Pieczenik also neglects to mention when blockchain was undoubtedly accustomed trace each and every ballot, it would be a major breach of voter secrecy guidelines. inside best-case scenario, trump would you need to be replacing one unlawful act with another unlawful one.

Whats much more, theres no-one in official coinspace that gives the idea credence.

Adding fuel toward conspiracy fire, however, was a fascinating part development that got hidden because of the election debacle. the usa attorneys company in san francisco has uncovered it was behind the $1bn in bitcoin which was transferred unexpectedly on nov 4. the sum -- linked to the 2013 silk road breasts -- had formerly sat unmoved in a mysterious wallet since 2015.

How and also to exactly what degree that'll be from the debacle remains as yet not known. that which we know of is that until waters settle and power is precisely transported, the consensus-reality of conspiracyland will likely be ablaze with all kinds of bonkers possibilities.

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