Two belarus opposition frontrunners had been interrogated on friday, as alexander lukashenko battles to reassert their control of the east european country following his disputed re-election as president.

The interrogations are the newest effort by mr lukashenkos regime to quell their opponents, that have spearheaded the biggest challenge towards the former collective-farm bosss regime since he took power in 1994.

Since mr lukashenko claimed victory over resistance prospect svetlana tikhanovskaya on august 9, belarus has been rocked by attacks at state-owned companies as well as the biggest protests with its separate history.

Inspite of the hundreds of thousands of people who took to your roads, mr lukashenko has actually refused to back off. on thursday, prosecutors launched a criminal examination into a council setup by aides of ms tikhanovskaya to negotiate a peaceful change of power, claiming that it was targeted at seizing state power and posed a threat to nationwide safety.

Maksim znak, legal counsel, and sergei dylevsky, leader associated with strike committee at state-owned minsk tractor plant, both people in the opposition council, had been questioned on friday.

The features eu known as in belarusian authorities to drop the actual situation. the co-ordination council...reached out to the authorities for a dialogue and also the authorities responded using the opening of a criminal situation, a spokeswoman said. in this, the belarusian state authorities have yet again reverted to intimidation according to political reasons.

Ms tikhanovskaya stated on friday she hoped that belarus authorities would start discussion and relocate to hold brand-new elections.

I am hoping and think that the federal government will tune in to its men and women. we were constantly told the president loves their nation along with his individuals. just what he views today makes it obvious that individuals desire change, she stated.

I favor my homeland like crazy, and i also actually want to return. and i certainly will go back the moment i feel safe here, she added.

Further protests against mr lukashenko are due to happen across belarus on the weekend, culminating in a rally at independence square in money minsk, on sunday.

In immediate aftermath for the election, mr lukashenko unleashed an intense crackdown on individuals protesting that the result was rigged, by which about three passed away, hundreds were injured and almost 7000 were detained, before backing-off at the conclusion of a week ago.

However in recent times, mr lukashenko has actually once again taken a tougher position, buying the interior ministry to prevent further protests from taking place, and telling his security services to hunt down organisers.

Mr lukashenkos regime has also stepped-up the pressure on employees at state-owned businesses who have gone on strike, threatening all of them with dismissal if they won't back down.

There are lots of that ready [to drop their particular jobs]. but we do not want to leave the enterprise, said maksim, a loader driver on belaz plant in zhodino. although we are on strike, the regime is obligated to pay attention to us. once we find ourselves regarding the street, our company is no further safe.

On friday, mr lukashenko informed a group of factory workers the problem in the nation is extremely politicised, but it really should not be viewed as catastrophic, based on condition newswire belta.

Somebody in minsk as well as in other areas is upset. which is only all-natural. but you really should not be concerned. this is my problem, which i must resolve, and we also're solving it today. trust in me, we will solve it in following days, he stated.

Mr lukashenko advertised the us ended up being plotting the uprisings so as to make belarus part of an anti-russian bloc from baltics into the ebony water.

He stated belarusian safety solutions were on shield every single day from morning till night guarding serenity and purchase. and i also saw your dudes are not planning to give their particular nation to anyone.

On thursday, the defence minister, viktor khrenin, informed armed forces commanders they needed to be prepared to combat with weapons, if necessaryto put down the resistance to mr lukashenko. there may well be a military dispute, thats truth these days, he stated.