Belarusian opposition frontrunner maria kolesnikova ended up being detained within edge with ukraine, belarusian authorities said on tuesday, your day after she moved missing into the capital minsk.

Ms kolesnikova may be the final of the trio of women which challenged strongman alexander lukashenko in augusts presidential election nevertheless in belarus, after svetlana tikhanovskaya and veronika tsepkalo fled the country under great pressure through the security solutions.

Ms kolesnikova and two various other resistance numbers, anton rodnenkov and ivan kravtsov, all vanished on monday, as mr lukashenko fought to stifle the huge protests having rocked the united states since he advertised a landslide victory in a profoundly problematic election on august 9.

Belarusian media reported that ms kolesnikova was grabbed from the street in central minsk on monday early morning by masked males in civilian clothing and bundled into a van, before becoming driven away.

Belaruss state development agency belta said on tuesday that ms kolesnikova, mr kravtsov and mr rodnenkov had tried to cross into ukraine in the early hours associated with the morning, and that ms kolesnikova was detained along the way.

Anton bychkovsky, a spokesman for belaruss edge guard agency, reported that their particular automobile rapidly accelerated while approaching the border ahead of the males essentially threw [ms kolesnkikova] from it and proceeded towards ukraine.

But the interfax news company reported that ms kolesnikova had torn up the woman passport to prevent herself becoming deported.

Anton gerashchenko, ukraines deputy inside minister, wrote on twitter the three activists were forcibly deported from their property country so that you can compromise the belarusian resistance to make it appear to be the frontrunners for the opposition were leaving the thousands and thousands of protesters from the lukashenko regime to fate and fleeing to comfortable ukraine.

They didnt find a way to deport maria kolesnikova from belarus as this brave woman did anything to avoid herself from crossing the border, mr gerashchenko included. alexander lukashenko physically bears all duty on her behalf life and wellbeing.

Ukraines border guards stated mr rodnenkov and mr kravtsov were undergoing going into the country but that ms kolesnikova hadn't showed up in the edge.

Maxim znak and pavel latushko, from belaruss opposition coordination council, of which ms kolesnikova can be a member, both informed the ft there had so far been no connection with some of the three resistance figures.

Ms tikhanovskaya labeled as on belarus to release the activists. you cant take the men and women hostage. by kidnapping folks in wide sunlight, lukashenko is demonstrating his weakness and worry, she stated in a statement on messaging app telegram.

The obvious make an effort to expel ms kolesnikova from belarus is the most recent work by mr lukashenko to ratchet within the strain on the resistance motion that has been more really serious challenge he has experienced during their 26 years in power.

Within the immediate aftermath of last months election, he cracked down on their opponents, with riot authorities using rubberized bullets, beatings, flash-bang grenades and liquid cannons to quell protests.

But after three days of action by the protection causes, where at the very least four men and women died, nearly 7,000 had been detained and hundreds had been hurt, mr lukashenkos regime has since dedicated to harassing opposition leaders.

Belarusian authorities have interrogated and detained people in the coordination council, also targeting the frontrunners of attack committees at state-owned businesses.

Mr latushko said that the treatment of ms kolesnikova ended up being a sign that mr lukashenkos regime did not want to have any dialogue with belarusian community.

They would like to make use of their particular power against most of the those that have their own viewpoint on inner circumstance in belarus, he said. we as a council tend to be a platform for society to try and find an answer with this difficult circumstance. and we see once more that authorities do not need get a hold of a solution, they dont want to get a hold of a normal exit [from this situation].

Additional reporting by roman olearchyk in kyiv