Adshares (ADS) Price Reaches $0.78

cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Upbit, HitBTC and YoBit. In the last week, Adshares has traded down 22% against the dollar. Adshares (ADS) traded up 0.9% against the dollar, but has traded down 22% in the last week. One Adshares coin can be purchased for $0.78 or 0.00002592 BTC on maj

On major exchanges, one Adshares coin is currently available for $0.78 (or 0.00002592 BTC). Adshares' market cap is $30.32m and in the past 24 hours, Adshares worth approximately $80.506.40 was traded. Adshares have gained 4% in the past week against the dollar.

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It uses the hashing algorithms. It was launched on 30 April 2021. Adshares has a total supply of 38,758,206 and a circulating supply of 38,751,872 coin. Here is a link to the article

CryptoCompare states that Adshares is "a decentralized advertising Web3 Protocol designed to provide blockchain based ad technology to the adtech industry." Adshares is an ecosystem that includes interconnected components. The two main ones are the blockchain and protocol. The blockchain transmits payment information, and the protocol is used to transmit advertising data that runs on the blockchain. The protocol allows advertisers to manage their digital advertising in one place, and also helps creators and publishing companies to monetize space on Metaverse, blockchain gaming, NFT exhibitions or websites, and anywhere else advertising is available.

AdShares' mission is to become the standard for web3 advertising worldwide. AdShares is available for any media including websites, metaverses games, social media VR/AR and mobile apps.

Adshares creates infrastructure for decentralized marketing and provides the software to advertisers, marketers, agencies, media firms, and ad tech companies in general. Joining the publisher network is a great way to monetize your space.

Our blockchain-based software and tools can be used to plan marketing campaigns for companies, metaverses and P2E games.

Adshares Coin Trading

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