Hi swampians! im right back from a much needed three-week vacation (one of the numerous great things about employed by a european book) and ive missed you. i invested my visit to two locations, both about couple of hours operating distance from nyc, in reverse directions sullivan county, nyc, among the poorest parts of the state,and amagansett, which can be one of many richest (these stats actually dont capture the fullness of wealth which has poured into the destination as a lot of manhattanites fleeing covid-19 have actually relocated to the hamptons).both spots provided meals for seriously considered in which we possibly may be headed in november and beyond.

In callicoon, a village in sullivan county comprised mostly of working-class white people in america that dairy farming or work with service tasks the growing populace of second-home owners (which have additionally grown exponentially considering that the pandemic began), youll see a good amount of trump indications on front lawns. land and housing the following is nevertheless reasonably cheap (you can get a fantastic three-bedroom house or apartment with 15 miles and a pond at under $400,000) but rates have actually, of course, already been skyrocketing as new yorkers have fled the town searching for even more room.

This really is cause for both party and issue among the list of local population. main street, callicoon, is an odd but attractive mixture of thrift shops, dollar shops and curated wine stores that on a regular basis offer regarding $90 bottles of amerone (leading indicator: you can purchase the financial times within local supermarket). wi-fi and broadband is spotty, something which would be a huge challenge for remote learning when you look at the autumn. but thats perhaps not a worry for numerous new york creatives whove set up shop there they may be able simply purchase up one of several swedish compact prefab homes for sale at a nearby boutique,plop them on several miles of farm land, cable up their house, and hold performing their particular tasks practically. welcome to the 21st-century bourgeoise hippie path.

On the east end of long island, in which i expect a lot more ft readers have taken refuge, things tend to be both same, and incredibly different. you can still find even more donald trump supporters around than i might anticipate. some high-profile people had been in evidence on tony maidstone club,where we think some individuals may still be prepared to vote for trump from the belief that hell be better for asset prices (if theyll acknowledge it really is another question specifically after their egregious statements about fallen troops being losers).

Thankfully, you will find probably much more affluent democratic donors available working hard to increase money for joe biden, who is breaking fundraising files month after month.but there is however additionally an unusual tradition disconnect between this wealthy liberal enclave plus the beleaguered the big apple. many unsettling sign of that disconnect that i observed on vacation was whenever i spotted a lady in east hampton walking the woman well-groomed puppy while wearing a mask with lettering regarding front side that browse we cant breathe. we thought a visceral feeling of surprise. ended up being it feasible to wear this mask in solidary with ebony life matter while walking your poodle in $100 lululemon leggings? i hoped that possibly she had been a major democratic donor?

One of my big concerns when it comes to year ahead is how many for the nyc refugees whove decamped to these types of spots will end up moving permanently, and what's going to which means that when it comes to tax base of the town (various other metropolitan areas including boston and san francisco are witnessing equivalent event)? some 500,000 people have decamped from nyc, at a time as soon as the says governor andrew cuomo is pleading to get more financial assistance. in the hamptons, schools tend to be including buildings to allow for the wealthy hordes whom intend to ride from pandemic from the beach. in new york city, public school courses are increasingly being delayed as a result of a looming instructor hit. the town and its own external orbits feel ever more disconnected, in manners that remind me personally of detroit. that was, definitely, a tale that didnt end really.

Ed, are we planning to go through the urban journey for the 1970s once again?

Welcome back rana. though ive maybe not taken nearly as much vacation this summer as i would have wanted, the coronavirus outbreak has already established one significant gold lining; weve forayed into elements of the us we might usually not have checked out, pandemic limitations having stop our yearly mediterranean pilgrimage.

Brand new pins on our chart include mid-coastal maine, that i adored, virginia seashore, that was deliciously sluggish, and weekly in nantucket, which produced quite similar observations to what you saw when you look at the hamptons. in our few days indeed there, we saw under 10 african us americans. them had been both delivery men and women or us postal service employees.

Beyond few tiny cities that ive visited, nantucket had been most likely the whitest american community ive witnessed. we saw more blm flags than we saw black folks, including the now ubiquitoussilence is physical violence motto. therefore nantucket suits well into the narrative of extremely pricey, liberal, virtue-signalling the united states.

Do i have a problem with that? no. obviously black life matter as well as the message should be spread by rich and poor alike. but socio-economic integration issues too. irrespective of perhaps aspen and southampton, my guess is nantucket may be the priciest invest the usa. in regards to the just thing that prices there's nothing a blm message.

Although we have there been, joe kennedy destroyed his competition to unseat ed markey as massachusetts democratic senatorial applicant in a hot major. the inquirer and mirror, nantuckets wonderful 199-year-old once a week paper, endorsed markey in an editorial. one of markey's characteristics ended up being he was a working-class progressive, the report said. we do not understand quite what to model of this except to state that if nantucket is turning against plutocratic prospects, there was a cure for the democratic celebration however.

Meanwhile, we calculated that a two-week trip to greece in an equivalent-sized rented house, plus flights, would have cost a lower amount than our 1 week in nantucket, without flights. its an attractive area not that gorgeous.